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Free Flow Parking: Transforming how you park at Stadiums.


Managing event parking presents a unique set of challenges for venue managers. Stadium and arena parking is particularly demanding due to the influx of thousands of vehicles arriving and leaving simultaneously. Frustrating queues are a common occurrence as event attendees wait to enter or exit parking facilities while transactions are conducted.

These parking issues not only affect the customer experience but also impact the venue’s bottom line. When sports fans, concertgoers, or other event patrons face difficulties accessing onsite parking, they may seek alternative parking garages or lots, resulting in lost revenue for the venue. Additionally, getting patrons into the venue faster can lead to increased spending at concession stands and on souvenirs.

However, there is a parking solution that can eliminate these challenges: gateless technology. Gateless parking allows for smoother and quicker ingress into parking garages and lots by eliminating gates and other barriers to entry, such as handheld ticket scanners and attendants collecting payments.

Free-flow parking leverages License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to monitor who enters and exits the facilities. Parkers can pay for their sessions in advance using reservation platforms, upon arrival with Camera Pay or Text Pay, or through a season-ticket parking permit.

The technology enabling Gateless Parking also provides additional benefits. It collects and analyzes utilization data whenever parking areas are operating, allowing arena parking managers to understand how their garages and lots are utilized and when they are busiest. Facilities with parking guidance technology can even provide data on the busiest sections of the garage or lot. This information is invaluable for creating future operational plans.

The benefits of free-flow parking for fans are clear. Without the need to queue at entrances, pull tickets, or make parking payments with credit cards or cash, the process is seamless, convenient, and quick. Fans spend less time parking and more time enjoying the event, leading to increased per capita spending within the venue.

For stadium parking managers, the benefits are even more impactful. The elimination of the need to hire, train, set up, and close out cashiers saves administrative time and expenses. Additionally, fewer cars idling in queues and the elimination of paper tickets reduce the venue’s carbon footprint. Lastly, there’s a competitive advantage: the quicker and more convenient parking process makes stadium parking facilities less likely to lose business to other area parking facilities.

In conclusion, transforming venue parking with free-flow parking technology not only enhances the fan experience but also significantly benefits venue operations and the environment. Embracing this innovation is a win-win for everyone involved.

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