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Park the Way You Want.

Finding parking is a global struggle. We've struggled to find convenient parking for as long as we've had vehicles. No one wants to drive around in circles looking for nearby parking, wasting time and money as they use more gas. That's where Premium Parking comes in! We offer tailored parking solutions across the U.S. so you can Get to Great.

Find Parking Near You With Our Premium Parking Spaces.

Wouldn't it be great if you could book a parking space in advance? With Premium, you can do precisely that. We offer you various ways to reserve parking spaces in advance, allowing you to park nearer to your destination.

Use the Premium Parking App.

One of our finest tools is our Premium Parking app. It provides a faster way to reserve and pay for your parking. Simply download the app, search for parking near your destination, reserve the parking space and pay. It's quick and easy, revolutionizing parking as we know it.

Pay for Your Parking Space in Advance.

Are you going to a special event in the near future? Large events are usually crowded, making it difficult to find a good parking space. With Premium, you can skip the search and pay for a parking space in advance.

Enjoy Monthly Parking Subscriptions.

Save money and enjoy all-access parking for a monthly flat rate. Our Monthly Parking subscription secures a parking space near your home or work. You can add up to three vehicles to your subscription to share the convenience with others.

Park in Star Spaces®.

With our Star Spaces, you get front row parking spaces in ideal locations. You can select and pay for your Star Space from your mobile device in a few minutes.

Benefit From Working With Us.

At Premium, we believe in putting people first. We create parking solutions that meet your needs and get you to your destination sooner. However, we offer more than just parking spaces. We provide an unforgettable experience with:

Customer Support.

When you contact our customer support team, you know you're communicating with the best. We go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Our team offers 24/7 support, listening to your concerns so they can assist you.


Our parking spaces are more than just places to keep your vehicle. You save valuable time when you purchase parking online or pay for a parking space in advance. Say goodbye to driving around to find the perfect parking space — because it's already yours.

Innovative Solutions.

We take our innovative ideas and turn them into solutions that benefit you. Our cutting-edge software and technology streamline parking in over 750 locations across the U.S., bringing our customers one step closer to the future.

Book Your Parking Space Today!

With Premium, you can go anywhere you desire without worrying about where you'll park. Our mobile app, Monthly Parking subscription and Star Spaces provide convenient parking anywhere you need it. Join our customers and reserve a parking space online today.

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