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Paying for parking is as easy as sending a text message. Our GLIDEPARCS® platform offers a TextPay payment channel, providing parkers with a speedy encounter that gets them on their way in minutes. It seamlessly integrates within your current operations for a smooth transition toward a more efficient parking ecosystem. Premium Parking is an industry leader, existing at the intersection of parking and technology. We've created a full-service digital platform to handle your property's most important tasks, from site design to payment collection. It holds the key to unlocking a better way to park and provides contactless solutions that benefit both operators and customers.

How Does TextPay Work?

Speed up your customer's parking experience with our TextPay service. This mobile parking payment option enhances your property's usability, creating an efficient and simple solution that parkers will enjoy. As a completely digital payment channel, parkers won't have to deal with physical tickets or gate arms, which can lead to confusion or lengthy delays. TextPay is one of the easiest ways your customers can pay for parking. With nothing more than a phone and a few minutes, they'll be on their way to work, the store, an event and more. This pay-by-text parking technology can scale as you grow, requiring only custom signs and our GLIDEPARCS software. Provide parkers with an intuitive experience following these steps: 1. Text "PARK" to 504504. 2. Enter the parking location number. 3. Enter the license plate number. 4. Set a parking duration. 5. Input payment information. Visit our Terms and Conditions to learn more.

Advanced Pay-By-Text Parking Features.

Trust in our TextPay service to maximize the efficiency of your parking environment. This user-friendly system enables parkers to pay using their mobile phone, making it as easy as texting a friend. Our text-to-pay solution doesn't require customers to download any apps for a convenient operation. Following the directions on the signage displayed in their chosen space, customers will be directed to a payment portal to input their license plate number, set their duration and submit payment details. They have the freedom to use secure payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit and debit cards. Once paid, they can save receipts to their phone and receive alerts before their parking is set to expire. Parkers can always remotely extend their duration if they need more time.

Get an alert 15 minutes before your time expires.

Extend your parking session without returning to your vehicle.

Send yourself a receipt.

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Offer an easier way to pay with the Premium team by your side. The GLIDEPARCS platform provides parking operators with convenient solutions that streamline the payment process and accelerate the customer parking experience. Our TextPay offering seamlessly integrates within our innovative cloud-based system to eliminate the need for tickets, delays and equipment. Partner with Premium to strategically design a property that boosts your customer satisfaction while enhancing your profitability. Our local parking experts use their deep industry knowledge to help you make the most of your asset. Contact our professionals online to learn more about our TextPay mobile parking payment option and schedule a demo today.

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