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Replace tickets, gates and long lines for an easier way to pay for parking. CameraPay is a high-performance digital payment solution that seamlessly works within our GLIDEPARCS® full-service, cloud-based operating system. You can trust our digital solutions to increase efficiency and reduce customer frustration. We'll help you create a seamless parking ecosystem, addressing every need, from payments to maintenance and everything in between. At Premium Parking, we've made it easier to reimagine your parking environment through top-of-the-line digital payment solutions that customers will appreciate more than ever. Partner with our industry-leading team to take your property to the next level.

Mobile Parking Payments Made Simple.

Premium has developed numerous cutting-edge payment channels to accelerate and streamline the customer parking experience. CameraPay is one of our advancements that allows parkers to access a user-friendly payment portal using a QR code and their mobile devices' cameras. These mobile payment options are available through our GLIDEPARCS platform, a full-scale system designed to minimize the stress on your parking operation by taking care of everything, including accessibility, payment collection and compliance. CameraPay is an innovative solution to improve your customer's parking experience. There is no need for tickets or a gate arm, eliminating frustrating and time-consuming delays. You'll create a fast and customer-focused experience to develop an environment parkers will return to over and over. Whether you run a retail storefront, healthcare facility, religious center, concert venue, or office building, parkers will enjoy how they pay for parking.

How Our CameraPay Solution Works.

CameraPay meets parkers where they're most comfortable. We've replaced tickets and gates with QR codes that parkers can easily scan with the camera on their mobile phones. The entire process is over within minutes. Customers will enter your property with ease before picking a parking space. We'll help you equip each space with custom signage to communicate information like location numbers and payment instructions. Parkers can use their phone to set parking duration, receive reminders and submit payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit and debit cards.

Compliance the Way It Should Be.

Working together with our GLIDEPARCS technology, we can integrate state-of-the-art validation equipment and third-party providers into your site design to ensure parkers are compliant and violators are dealt with. We pull crowd-sourced occupancy information into our dashboard to understand your property in real-time, identify those who have successfully paid via CameraPay and issue notices or conduct enforcement activities for violators.


Start parking instantly.

Get reminders and extend parking remotely without returning to the car.

Use Apple Pay or Google Pay. Send yourself digital receipts.

Optimize Your Payment Collection With Premium.

No one does parking better than Premium. We've worked for decades to come up with practical solutions that make parking an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Our CameraPay solution streamlines the process, allowing parkers to avoid gates or long lines and pay through convenient digital channels. Working together with our GLIDEPARCS technology, this payment collection strategy streamlines your workflow while keeping your property profitable. Ready to implement an easier payment method? Contact our team to learn more and request a demo to understand how it can benefit your operation.

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