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LPR Cameras.

License plate recognition powered by GLIDE Eye LPR.™. Get enhanced parking compliance and increased data capture with automated AI-powered LPR cameras.

Photo Enforced 24/7.

Know who enters your property the moment they drive in with LPR cameras. GLIDE Eye LPR™ enables enhanced compliance through AI-powered license plate recognition technology. Get even more visibility, flexibility and control at your parking lot or garages. The most advanced frictionless parking access and revenue control solution in the marketplace.


Highly secure.

HD photo enforcement in real-time. Patented and patent-pending technology.

Monitor parking payments.

Set flexible time limits and grace periods for starting parking and expired sessions.

Live sync of valid parkers.

Check for active Cloud Permits®, on-demand payments and validations in real-time.

Track and capture violators.

Flag violators for non-payment or overstay with escalated enforcement action.

Automated citations and collections.

Issue citations and mail fines or invoices with integrated DMV-lookup services.

Real-time data and occupancy.

Powerful usage insights on parker behaviors like arrival times, how often they come back, and more.

Lower cost and scalable.

Asset-light computer-vision hardware with professional installation. Far less expensive than parking gates.

Fast, digital access.

Easier, seamless entry and exit preferred by tenants, property owners and customers. The most secure, flexible and enterprise-tested parking access control solution.

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