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A new arrival experience for fans.

Frictionless Stadium, Live Event & Venue Parking by Premium.

Fans love the main event. The ultimate fan experience starts with a fast, seamless arrival. Reduce wait times and remove the last bottleneck and pain point at stadiums and venues — stopping upon entry into the parking garages or lots to pay. Welcome hundreds or even thousands of guests simultaneously. Ticketless access with contactless payments. Enable an effortless arrival with gateless digital parking.

A better way to welcome fans.

Fast, frictionless access.

Park the way you want. Products for every audience: regular fans, season ticket holders, first-time visitors, event staff, vendors and more. Multi-channel payments allow for simultaneous, high-volume throughput.

Pay the way you want.

Drive up and pay. Reserve parking in advance. Fast pass subscriptions. App, QR Codes, Web, Kiosk. Seamlessly integrate with your existing event management or booking system.

Efficient, complete, controlled.

No parking pass or cash handling abuse. Clear audit trail with integrated reporting and analytics. More efficient staffing; move cashiers and parking attendants to fan experience roles.

Get to the main event faster.

Works anywhere at any scale. Sports stadiums, concert venues, convention centers, soccer complexes, arenas and event centers. We've run parking for major music festivals, NBA & NFL games, FC soccer matches, state fairs, and more. Works within your existing infrastructure. Save on capital; no costly retrofitting or new equipment required. Schedule a demo of our stadium and event parking platform.

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