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Parking Analytics.

Turn data into decisions. Every insight about your parking, one click away. Premium Enterprise Analytics.

Powerful insights all-in-one place.

Client Dashboard.

A complete, real-time picture of your parking operations. Asset owners and property managers can view every location in one place. Monitor financial performance, predict revenue trends and get clear, transparent reporting.

Local, Granular Insights.

Get up close and personal with your parkers. Business intelligence that goes beyond rates, transactions and occupancy. A single-source of truth with customer profiles, location performance & competitor data. Who's parking, how often, and much more.

AI-powered Data with Human Analysis.

We start with a clean, structured, scalable cloud-based data warehouse. With every update, our human insights and machine learning models get better and smarter. The result is powerful strategies to drive growth, reduce friction and maximize yield.

Metrics that Matter.

Measure what's most important for your operation. KPIs include transactions, occupancy, net promoter scores, customer feedback, compliance, subscriptions, reservations and beyond.

Smart Automated Alerts.

Get notifications when specific events occur. Set up daily email digests with key data points of focus.

Custom Reports.

Design and schedule custom reports that match your operational and reporting needs.

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