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Premium Parking App.

Finding the right parking space is a major inconvenience for most people, especially in populated cities. For some, finding parking where they live or work is the worst part of their daily commute. We are here to change that reality. At Premium Parking, we offer a range of parking solutions to streamline your day-to-day travels, saving you time and money. One way we achieve this is through our Premium Parking mobile app.

Start Parking Simply.

Our parking app enables you to reserve parking in advance, find nearby parking in a hurry, make payments and manage Monthly Parking subscriptions. In addition to offering a range of useful features, our Parking App overflows with benefits, including:


User-friendly apps are essential, especially for people constantly on the go. Our Premium Parking app has a simple user interface, allowing you to find parking and make payments without hassles.

Remote Access.

The Premium Parking app lets you make important decisions, such as where to park and how long you’ll be there. You are in charge of extending your parking times, choosing parking spaces in advance and managing payments.

Faster Parking.

Gone are the days when you had to drive around for a suitable parking space. Using our app for parking allows you to reserve parking spaces for upcoming events and pay upon your arrival. The app also directs you to parking lots with available spaces to avoid needless driving.

App Features.

Our Premium Parking app has various features that elevate your parking experience. Allows in-app payments: Paying for your parking space has never been easier! You can seamlessly manage your payments and skip the trip to the parking meter, saving more time. Locates parking spaces: Are you tired of looking for parking spaces? Don’t worry — the Premium Parking app does that for you. Our app automatically finds parking spaces near you and allows you to search for parking in a specific area. Extends parking times: You can extend your parking duration directly from the notification screen if you stay in the parking space longer than expected. Saves vehicle information: If you have more than one vehicle, you can save each vehicle’s information on the app for easy access when searching for the ideal parking space. The app also allows you to view your parking history. Displays parking space availability: Our app has crowd-sourced occupancy so that you can locate available parking spaces. The app displays a green dot when it’s easy to find parking and yellow for times when parking is scarce. Allows subscription management: You can buy, change and renew your Monthly Parking subscription directly from your device. Guides you back to your parking space: It’s easy to forget where you parked. Our Premium Parking app helps you find your way back to your vehicle.

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At Premium, we bring innovative parking solutions to our customers so they can reach their destinations sooner. Streamline your parking experience by downloading our free mobile parking app today!

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