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Star Spaces®.

When you're in a rush, the last thing you want to do is park at the back of a full parking lot. Star Spaces® eliminates this challenge by providing VIP parking options right in front of stores, office buildings, hotels, venues and more. Using our GLIDEPARCS® full-service platform, businesses can design and manage unique parking solutions. The results are strategically placed parking spaces that improve efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

Enjoy Front Row Parking.

Premium Parking works with businesses nationwide and provides innovative parking solutions to streamline customer access. Our Star Spaces allow you to benefit from front-row parking at low and affordable hourly parking fees. These spaces are present at most of our partnered businesses, helping you acquire the parking you deserve. Designated Star Spaces work great for 15-minute parking and curbside pickups to ensure you are back on the road in no time.

How Do Star Spaces Work?

Star Spaces get you closer to the action. Our partnered businesses can build VIP parking sections for their most valued customers. These areas are identified using large signs and big yellow stars. Their custom signage provides all the information you'll need to park comfortably, ensure you're validated and be on your way in no time.

Park in a Star Space.

Select the 'Star' rate and pay.

You're all set!

Many Ways to Pay.

Our GLIDEPARCS technology enables businesses to offer a seamless payment solution. You can use digital channels like TextPay®, CameraPay® or our Premium App, allowing you to pay for parking with your mobile device quickly. We'll never make you sit through long lines waiting for your ticket, so you can accomplish your errands and daily tasks faster than ever. Reserve your space beforehand or park and pay when you arrive. Our payment methods are compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and all other major debit or credit cards. Following the detailed steps on the sign, you'll be taken to a payment portal to set your duration, enter your information and save your receipts.

Our Premium Parking App.

Park the way you want with our user-friendly parking application. This platform provides unique visibility of Star Space parking using real-time occupancy data and detailed maps to help you understand site availability. Use this app to reserve a space ahead of time, making it easy to park, hop out and attend to your business quickly. Save financial information for fast, on-the-go selections and payments. Remotely extend your allotted time and be confident in an accessible and secure parking solution.

Look for the sign and yellow star.

Available at most locations.

Connect With Premium Parking to Learn More.

Premium Parking understands that parking is just another stop before more essential tasks. We strive to make parking a breeze using our top-of-the-line software, providing parking managers with an easier way to organize parking operations. We leverage our industry expertise to develop custom technology solutions that seamlessly integrate within our client's environments to supply you with an unrivaled customer parking experience. Enjoy a better way to park when you use Star Spaces by Premium Parking. You'll effortlessly access the closest parking spaces to retail storefronts, office buildings and other venues. Download our app to find Star Space locations near you. Interested in bringing Star Spaces to your office, resturant, healthcare facility, or Church? Contact us online to learn more.

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