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Parking near Babo Korean Bar in Nashville, TN.

Babo Korean Bar in Nashville, TN is an energized eatery offering a lively fusion of Korean and American flavors. Its vibrant atmosphere welcomes guests into a space adorned with Korean-inspired artwork, dim lighting, and communal seating. With a menu curated by renowned chef Chris Cho, Babo Korean Bar presents a delectable journey through both traditional and modern Korean cuisine with a Southern twist.

Indulge in their signature dish, the Korean Fried Chicken, which features crispy, twice-fried chicken tossed in a choice of mouthwatering sauces, ranging from the classic Yangnyeom (sweet and spicy) to the unique Nashville Hot. Don't miss their variety of Korean-inspired tacos, including the Bulgogi Taco with marinated grilled beef bulgogi, kimchi slaw, and gochujang aioli. For a refreshing change, try their Pajeon, a Korean pancake with seafood and vegetables.

Babo Korean Bar's menu also boasts an array of small plates for sharing, such as the Kimchi Jeon (kimchi pancake) and the Japchae (glass noodles with vegetables). Vegetarians and vegans can delight in their selection of tofu-based dishes, including the Tofu Banh Mi, a Vietnamese-inspired sandwich featuring marinated tofu, pickled vegetables, and cilantro.

Enhance your dining experience with their thoughtfully crafted cocktail menu, featuring Korean-inspired libations like the Soju Sour, made with Korean soju, lemon, and egg white, or the Makgeolli Margarita, a fusion of Korean rice wine and tequila. Babo Korean Bar also offers an extensive selection of sake, beer, and wine to complement your meal.

Whether you're looking for a casual dinner with friends, a fun night out, or a unique dining experience, Babo Korean Bar in Nashville, TN is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you craving more.

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