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Parking near Mud Island River Park in Memphis, TN.

Mud Island River Park, a captivating urban oasis nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee, offers locals and visitors alike an engaging blend of education, recreation, and leisure activities. Accessible by a scenic monorail ride or a pedestrian bridge, this unique park spans over 52 acres and offers numerous attractions, including the fascinating Mississippi River Museum, which delves deep into the river's rich history, ecology, and cultural significance. The park is also home to the Riverwalk, a striking, scaled model of the Lower Mississippi River that spans over 2,000 feet in length and allows visitors to journey through a variety of river conditions and topographical representations.

In addition to its informative attractions, Mud Island River Park presents ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation, with picturesque green spaces, walking trails, and picnic areas. During the summer months, the park's amphitheater hosts a diverse lineup of concerts and events, showcasing both local and international talent against the spectacular riverside backdrop. Mud Island River Park embodies the spirit of the Mississippi River and Memphis, providing a vibrant gathering place that embraces the region's rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

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