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Parking near Dyer's Burgers in Memphis, TN.

Dyer's Burgers, a legendary establishment located on the iconic Beale Street in Memphis, TN, has been delighting locals and visitors alike with its mouthwatering, world-famous burgers for over a century. Founded in 1912, Dyer's Burgers boasts a rich history deeply entwined with the city's culinary traditions and boasts a renowned cooking technique that has elevated the humble burger to a gastronomic art form.

Upon entering Dyer's Burgers, guests are immediately transported to an era of classic Americana, with its nostalgic decor, warm lighting, and the irresistible aroma of sizzling burgers filling the air. The secret behind Dyer's exceptional taste and texture lies in their time-honored method of frying patties in the same legendary cooking grease they have carefully maintained through decades of filtering and replenishment.

The menu at Dyer's Burgers offers a selection of iconic, cooked-to-order burger options that truly live up to the establishment's storied reputation. Each juicy, flavorful patty is cooked in the well-seasoned skillet and is perfectly complemented by fresh toppings and a soft, golden bun. Additional menu items include scrumptious sides like crispy crinkle-cut fries, fried pickles, and onion rings, providing the ultimate indulgent, comfort food experience.

As a testament to its enduring appeal and commitment to quality, Dyer's Burgers remains a must-visit destination for both residents and tourists exploring Memphis. With its legendary burgers, delectable sides, and welcoming atmosphere, Dyer's offers a genuinely authentic taste of Memphis' culinary heritage that will leave diners craving more.

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