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Parking near Boots & Kimo's in Kailua, HI.

Boots & Kimo's Homestyle Kitchen, located in the charming coastal town of Kailua, Hawaii, is a beloved family-owned and operated eatery known for its delectable Hawaiian-inspired breakfast and lunch dishes served in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Established in 1994 by brothers Jesse and Rick Kiakona, Boots & Kimo's has gained widespread popularity among locals and visitors alike for its mouthwatering menu, friendly service, and laid-back island charm.

Upon entering Boots & Kimo's, guests are greeted by a bright and cheerful interior, adorned with vintage Hawaiian memorabilia and sports-themed decorations. The relaxed ambiance and casual seating offer the perfect setting for friends and family to gather and enjoy a delicious, homestyle meal while soaking up the heartwarming ambiance.

The star of Boots & Kimo's menu is their scrumptious array of breakfast dishes, which includes local Hawaiian favorites infused with traditional American influences. The most famous dish, the Macadamia Nut Pancakes, features fluffy, golden pancakes topped with a rich, creamy macadamia nut sauce – a delectable creation that has garnered rave reviews from diners and food critics alike. Other popular menu items include the Kailua-style eggs benedict, fried rice, savory omelettes, and juicy burgers.

In addition to their extensive selection of breakfast options, Boots & Kimo's also offers a variety of lunch items, such as gourmet sandwiches, signature salads, and satisfying plate lunches that showcase the flavors of Hawaiian cuisine. Prepared with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, each dish is crafted with care, ensuring a delightful and satisfying culinary experience.

At the heart of Boots & Kimo's is the genuine warmth and hospitality displayed by their attentive staff members. Their commitment to providing exceptional customer service and fostering a true sense of Aloha has made Boots & Kimo's an essential dining destination on Oahu's Windward side.

With its delicious menu offerings, casual atmosphere, and welcoming spirit, Boots & Kimo's Homestyle Kitchen has become a go-to spot for those seeking a taste of the islands in a friendly and relaxed setting. Located just a short drive from Lanikai Beach and Kailua Beach Park in Kailua, Hawaii, this popular eatery is the perfect place to refuel and enjoy a memorable island-style meal that perfectly captures the essence of Hawaiian hospitality.

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