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The Memphis Zoo stands as a captivating centerpiece of wildlife conservation and education, nestled within the verdant expanses of Overton Park in Memphis, Tennessee. Founded in 1906, the zoo has grown to encompass 76 acres and is now home to over 4,500 animals comprising more than 500 species, delighting visitors of all ages with its meticulously designed habitats and immersive exhibits. Highlights of the Memphis Zoo include the playful antics of giant pandas, the mesmerizing undulating moves of the Komodo dragon, and a fascinating glimpse into the secret world of nocturnal creatures at the remarkable Animals of the Night section. Throughout the zoo, guests can enjoy interactive experiences and engaging programs that foster a sense of connection to wildlife, promoting environmental stewardship and a deeper appreciation for the natural world. As a renowned institution committed to research, conservation, and education, the Memphis Zoo provides an unparalleled opportunity for visitors to revel in the wonders of our planet's diverse and fascinating inhabitants.

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