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Introducing FLEX LOTS

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We’ve reimagined “Customer Only Parking” from the ground up. It is about ease of access for your actual customers, more control of your parking and monetizing spaces when you have excess capacity. The solution is Flex Lots®.

Customers who patronize your business park as they always have, for free. Guests who park and visit other destinations can pay quickly via text or app.

Create a better experience and unlock the hidden revenue potential of your customer parking.


  1. Complimentary parking for your actual customers.

  2. Others must pay to park.

  3. Use the lot location number and pay using our TextPay technology.


  • Set Your Own Strategy - From light to tight access, you drive the policies to create a culture of compliance.

  • Flexible Enforcement - Whether you self-manage, partner with a third-party or use Premium’s preferred vendors, staffing and schedules match your operations.

  • Reporting & Payment - Track usage in real-time, view and get automated monthly payments.

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