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New Orleans Jazz Museum formally the U.S. Mint400 Esplanade St

Built in 1835, the Old U.S. Mint is the only building in America to have served both as a United States and a Confederate Mint. President Andrew Jackson advocated the Mint’s establishment in order to help finance development of the nation’s western frontier. In 1966, the landmark building was transferred to the state of Louisiana, and in 1981, it opened to the public as part of the Louisiana State Museum complex.

Today's visitor finds a number of stunning permanent exhibits in the Old U.S. Mint. The “New Orleans Jazz” exhibit features instruments (many played by significant jazz musicians), sheet music, and memorabilia chronicling the history of Jazz from its humble beginnings on the streets of New Orleans. The new photography gallery portrays a new generation of New Orleans performers.

In addition to these exhibits, the Old U.S. Mint hosts rotating exhibits and houses a Historical Center, which features an archive of maps and documents.