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Case Study - The City of West Haven Connecticut.

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The Problem.

The city of West Haven, Connecticut, faced significant challenges with its existing in-house beach parking program. The absence of a reliable payment platform, ineffective enforcement measures, and the inability to operationalize their vision of a frictionless parking experience for residents were major pain points. The prior system was cash-only, resulting in inefficiencies, revenue loss, and discontent among residents and city officials.

The Solution.

In response to these challenges, the city undertook a comprehensive transformation of its parking management system. The introduction of GLIDEPARCS, Enforcement officers, and GLIDE Eye LPR® marked a paradigm shift in addressing the identified issues. The incorporation of 45,000 resident license plates as subscriptions streamlined the parking process for residents, eliminating the need for manual transactions. Additionally, the strategic placement of on-street parking locations near the VA hospital, enforced by Premium Enforcement, showcased a multifaceted solution to the city's parking needs.

The Results.

The managed services approach delivered outstanding financial and operational results. In 2022, the in-house beach parking program incurred $80k in expenses while only collecting $52k in revenue. In the first year of operation under managed services, the city witnessed a substantial increase, with revenue exceeding $200k, leading to a total profit of over $160k. The implementation of Premium Enforcement played a pivotal role in achieving a remarkable month-to-month revenue increase.

West Haven Case Study Graph

Furthermore, the ability to expand and add locations within a 30-day timeframe demonstrated operational flexibility and efficiency. Collaborative efforts, such as repurposing the high school for an Independence Day event, showcased the program's adaptability to community needs. The city's overall satisfaction serves as a testament to the positive impact and effectiveness of the implemented solutions, confirming that the new parking management system successfully addressed the city's challenges and exceeded expectations.

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