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5 Tips for a Great Mardi Gras: Parades, Parking and How to get there.


Whether you are new to the Mardi Gras experience in New Orleans or are a Mardi Gras veteran with years of experience and a firm plan in place, getting around town can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Mardi Gras experience this year.


While the parades have a long trek through uptown, along St. Charles Avenue, finding a spot to park can be tricky unless you get set up hours before the first parade rolls through. Downtown there are several available stands that are great for better views of the parade and more comfortable and safe for kids. Pricing ranges from $10 – 100.  Here are a few parade viewing stands options.

Lafayette Square Grandstands

Intercontinental Hotel Grandstand

Lafayette Hotel Grandstand

Place St. Charles Grandstand


Inside the box or outside the box. The way that the parade routes work in relation to the river makes it difficult to get between the parade and the French Quarter / Riverfront, unless you get there before the first parade of the day begins (and then you’re stuck there until the last parade rolls through). If parades are rolling on the uptown route, a good way to commute between Downtown and Uptown is via Claiborne Avenue. If you’re hoping to park in the French Quarter, it’s easiest to approach from edge of the French Quarter via Elysian Fields Avenue. You can also take I-10 West to US-90 West across the parade route to approach via Camp Street or Tchoupitoulas Street to the many parking lots in the Warehouse District or beneath the US-90 Expressway overpass. As a general note, remember that the French Quarter closes to non-essential vehicular traffic during Mardi Gras weekend.


Uptown parking is very scarce especially in the residential neighborhoods, and you are left with few options other than circling until you can find an open spot on the street. Downtown there are plenty of options on both sides of the route, Lakeside along the Poydras Avenue corridor, and Riverside in the Warehouse District.


You can book parking in advance in most of our garages downtown. This ensures you lock in pricing and allows for a seamless arrival (just park in any unmarked, non-reserved space that’s open). Here are some recommended garages to reserve parking.

P145 – 716 Iberville Street

P303 – 1010 Common Street

P376 – 601 Poydras Street

P400 – 333 Canal Street


With any of the ride-sharing options out there, there may be long delays for rides and subject to price surges. If you plan to venture out before or after the parades, you can always park, explore and pick up your vehicle the next day. Buy as much parking as you need, or use our App to extend your time from anywhere.

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