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Customer parking reimagined.

Control and manage your customer or retail parking. Welcoming, safe, secure. Sell parking anywhere. Flex Lots® by Premium Parking.

Your parking lot is an extension of your business. There's a better way than "tow-away." Which is why Premium Parking created Flex Lots® — a new way to manage 'customer-only' parking. With Flex Lots, your customers always receive complimentary, easy-to-find prime parking. Flag violators with our built-in digital chalking technology. Get a more transparent, controlled retail parking environment with Flex Lots.

Earn new income and control your parking lot for free.

How it works.

Our easy-to-manage retail parking solution increases customer loyalty and delivers an elevated customer experience. We replace your existing 'customer only' parking signs with custom signage at no cost. Your customers get convenient, accessible parking and continue to park for free. All others are required to pay. It’s that easy. When you have excess capacity, safely open your lot up to public parking for the community. Generate incremental revenue by monetizing unused spaces. Guests who are visiting other nearby destinations get access to inexpensive, worry-free, tow-free parking. Using our built-in Enforcement App, quickly search and flag violators using our digital chalking technology. Track which vehicles overstay, issue warnings or citations and use other enforcement actions like towing as a last resort.

Open spaces for your customers.

Manage your parking so that your customers always have a space. No machines, no gates, no attendants. All you need is our simple cloud-based platform and custom signs.

Sell parking anywhere.

Your customers always park for free. If you have extra capacity, sell spaces to paying outside parties. When non-customers park - they pay us, we pay you.

Simple, flexible, controlled.

Easy to manage. Easy to control. With our enforcement app, you get visibility and control over who is on-location with real-time license plate verification. Get access to our mobile payment channels and a free online presence to promote your parking lot to neighboring businesses. Open your parking up to the local community.

Rockstar parking for your business.

Add Star Spaces® and give your customers the option of the best space in the lot.

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