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Car parked. Time for care.

Put patients & visitors first with simple healthcare parking management.

The number one priority for hospitals, clinics and medical campuses is patient care and accessibility. That starts with an effortless, stress-free arrival in the parking lot or garage. Our smart parking solutions ensure there’s always space available for patients, visitors and medical staff. By adding frictionless parking tools like visitor check-in kiosks and cloud-based parking permits for staff and team members, we can now track who’s parking and get real-time visibility, data insights and control to make continuous improvements to the guest’s parking experience.

Hospital & Healthcare Parking Solutions.

Patient Friendly, Accessible Parking.

Get your patients and visitors closer to your front door. Complimentary parking for patients & visitors with fast, easy vehicle registration at check-in. No validation tickets required.

Flexible Parking for Staff & Employees.

Digital permits to ensure staff, employees & vendors are parked in their designated parking locations. Create unlimited zones to assign spaces based on policy, position or seniority.

Compliance & Space Optimization.

Ensure space is always available for patients & visitors. Clear ADA, Wayfinding & Instructional Signage. Expand space availability for long-term parkers with stack park.

Improve the patient experience.

With the growing need for hospital facilities to increase capacity to see more patients, more focus is needed on parking management and upgrades to visitor parking. Balance parking for your employees and create more accessibility for patients and their families. Our system offers monthly parking subscriptions to guarantee your employees parking access accommodated to their work schedules. Partner with Premium Parking to access data-driven insights and analytics, highly customizable healthcare software integrations, and a network of trained parking professionals for facility design and setup. Get a free quote today.

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