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Parking Enforcement.

Create a culture of compliance. Real-time monitoring and app-based photo parking enforcement. Fair, transparent, effective revenue control and access control.

Third-party enforcement allows for a transparent and thorough system of checks and balances utilizing the most advanced parking compliance strategies and technology in the industry. License plate based credentialing is used to identify parkers more efficiently and accurately than traditional ticketed entry and validation practices. This allows for instant access, ease of exit, and tighter revenue controls. The elimination of physical credentials reduces abuse, saves you money and saves your parkers time.


No more distributing hang tags, decals, AVI tags, or proximity cards. No more lines of parkers waiting to take tickets.


We can utilize License Plate Recognition Cameras to scan plates and verify that parkers have paid. The system is robust, flexible, and the most efficient validation system in the industry.


Dynamic patrols based on real-time occupancy of your facility. We aggregate real-time data from every transaction, along with crowd-sourced occupancy surveys from your parkers, without the use of expensive vehicle detection systems.


We partner with professional, trusted third-party partners to offer custom enforcement programs to align with your facility's individual policies. Our enforcement service providers have live access to our Enforcement Dashboard and App for real-time plate lookup, citations and immobilization management, fine payments and appeals, all with complete photo documentation.


A first-of-its-kind parking enforcement app. The multiplatform enforcement dashboard seamlessly integrates to our GLIDEPARCS platform and relays parker session information directly to the license-plate-based enforcement database. This allows for enforcement officers to know if a parker is valid, session duration, method of payment, and past violation history. With batch photo upload, enforcement personnel can check an entire facility in less time, and with greater accuracy than ever before.


Customers no longer have to wait for 30+ minutes to have a boot removed from their vehicle. With new self-removable boots and our TextPay citation payment platform, customers can simply pay with their smartphone, and are sent a payment confirmation containing the removal code. No frustrated customers; no wasted man hours; simply designed, efficient enforcement. * Immobilization by boot available in select markets based on state and municipal level legislation.

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