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Scooters and Gate Arms: Why It's Time to Go Gateless

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Like it or not, the e-scooter apocalypse / micro-mobility revolution is here. And if piles of discarded sidewalk hazards or inattentive tourists weaving in and out of rush hour traffic weren’t enough of a joy, scooters pose a unique challenge to parking operators.

Because most gate arms are activated by metal, the latest scam goes something like this: park car, return with scooter and pull it over the sensor to dispense a new ticket, ditch scooter in the garage and drive out for free before the grace period ends.

Yes, it’s frustrating. But the reality is that as long as parking garages have vulnerabilities, people are going to game them. Making it all the more important for parking operators to future-proof their businesses by addressing the problem at the source.

Short of magically changing human behavior or waging a guerilla war against electric scooters, there is something simple that garages can do to prevent gate arm abuse—go gateless. If you aren’t convinced already, here are some more reasons why it’s time to get rid of gate arms once and for all. As the future of mobility, it’s critical for parking to keep up.

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